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Fashion Is the Most Selling Industry in Almost All of the World?

Fashion, fashion, fashion....

Fashion has spark my interest. Because I am into fashion I have done research on numerous topics including this one. But because of minimum feedback I gathered my own information about fashion. Fashion is said to be many things. I say that it's who you are to self. It's how you show up in the world. It's the patterns, colors, designers, garments, etc that you choose to display and wear. Fashion, also called clothing, showcases your behavior, whether thats casual, exotic, or vintage, it represents that behavior. Do what you wear make you happy? According to Prof. Carolyn Mair PhD, a behavioral psychologist and author of The Psychology of Fashion, “When we feel good in what we are wearing, we tend to be more confident,” says Mair. If I do say so myself, I would agree. I am more confident in a pair of jeans and a nice fitted or loose t-shirt, a nice blouse, or hoodie. Choosing these styles allow me to eliminate time and less effort. Unless finding something to wear to a business meeting or a special event I need to attend those are my go to. But even today many people do not dress up in a suit and tie to attend a business meeting.

Choosing to get in the fashion industry is a right outlook for me. Why? Because I have always been in tune with what people wear, why they wear it, how they wear it, and wearing it myself has been something I have done without noticing and questioning why I do it. Doing so has allowed me to create and invest in my very own first clothing brand, Royalty Essentials All In One. A brand that specializes in contemporary women's clothing and Accessories, later venturing off into beauty cosmetics. Even though I have my perks it is a crucial thing when wanting to find and invest in ready-to-wear collections. What are a few things you like to wear on a daily basis? How does it make you feel? Is it hard finding clothing for you?


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