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Beauty Cosmetics 

Every Girls Dream 

This is a place of gratitude and attitude. Where you will find all of your beauty needs and wants. 

Digital art exhibit

A Dream Come True 

Inside every littles girl head is a dream. The question is what are you going to do with that dream. A dream is just a dream, unless you know what to do with it. 
Dreams comes with sacrifice, commitment, and dedication. I am one of those little girls who started with a dream and ended up here. This is just the beginning so join us as we maneuver through this journey called just a dream.

More to Come 

Our most adorable soft fluffy pair of lashes is for all the women whose looking for something subtle and classy. Visit the collection for more.
Love me long time not short time. Our beautiful dramatic and voluminous luxurious lashes is a hitter when going out on the town. One of the girls favorite.
Love Me
I Love U
We all want to be loved but we all should give it too. Visit our bundles of lashes that gives off a cat eye look that is suitable for all women. 
I Love U Too
The CEO: 
herself decided to start and offer her very own uniquely design lashes from her social life. She had first hand experience with meeting beautiful women out in public. She would run across numerous of women who would wear and rock lashes that would be colorful, dramatic, full, simple, and catchy. So she thought why not create her own where she could create multi color lashes and more simple lashes for women who want a more natural style while being in the work space. So she did just that. Lashes

Here you will explore all of our uniquely pick and hand made lashes for every women's personality. More to come. 

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